Conflicts Should Be Solved In The Minds Of People

It is true, we may not be capable to resolve those conflicts directly, we may not be able to change a government that we don’t like or to stop injustice. In fact, we have to realize and accept that we do not have control over many things, situations and events in this life. So, what we can do is always to start with ourselves, with our inner peace, always going back to own mistakes as the only person that we can control is myself, and the only mind that we can take care of is my own mind. If more people did, their communities would become more peaceful. And from a community to community, from person to person, it can lead to a more peaceful world. 


Creativity Begins With A Space

What took me to a Literary Festival was my own story of once being a desperate writer whose biggest dream was to get published (as if this would be the moment when I can truly call myself a writer). In fact, I am now published, but feeling much less as a writer, because back then, when I was writing every day – this is what truly made me a writer, and not when I am having some published material out.

View Life As One, Balanced and Wholesome!

On a fine Sunday morning 8 people from Hyderabad joined the workshop about work-life balance. During the workshop we learned that, in order to balance our life, each  of us should take care of four responsibilities: physical health, economic/work,  social, mental/mind. If we don’t take care of these responsibilities, they will eventually become our problems. For instance, if we don’t exercise, we may face health problems.

Finding Life Purpose Is A Journey

Why are we here? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? During the workshop “Finding Life Purpose” in Apollo Foundation Theatre in Hyderabad (India), we tackled this question not to find answers, but rather to understand the tools that can be used to get ourselves closer to our life purpose (as each of us has a different one), as well as to make sure that each day that we spend on this planet is meaningful.