World Becomes Brighter

Venue: Erzsébet children’s camp in Zanka by Balaton Lake
Country: Hungary
Date: August 2015
Number of People: 4 (2 sessions)


It was a pitch dark night when we – volunteers of Erzsébet camp – arrived in the venue, the children’s summer camp in Zanka, Hungary. That same evening, I told my Turkish roommate that I do meditation. She was interested in trying it. I did the first session only for her – one afternoon, as the two of us were sitting on a bench embraced by greens and beautiful nature. What she told me after the session was, that it became brighter: colours, nature, everything. Later on, the Spanish cousins too got interested in the session, and in one of the last evenings, I guided a session for three of them near to our living space. Some children started running around for they became curious about what we were doing.


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