Meditation Hugs

Venue: EVS on-arrival training, Santiago de Compostela
Country: Spain
Date: October 2015
Number of People: 16 + 6 (2 sessions)


Santiago de Compostela became the first place in Spain where I guided meditation sessions. Already on the first day, I was introduced to the group as a meditation coach, so it became very natural to share my meditation practice with others, speak about its benefits and tell about Peace Revolution, the way how I started meditating.

After the session, there was so much silence and loving kindness in the room with talks about the meaning of life and participants not willing to leave, but just keeping listening to me… and then the Russian girl Natalia said, that she wanted to hug me, because she had felt so incredible. She did it, followed by other participants simply coming to me and hugging me one by one. It was so, so beautiful, and had never happened before. And this is when I thought: these are the moments to live for – to share something you truly believe in; to share it sincerely and passionately, to share without any expectation to receive anything back; to share and inspire others for spreading loving kindness, for becoming better people.



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