My English-Spanish Session

Venue: OMIX Ribadavia youth centre
Country: Spain
Date: January 15, 2016
Number of People: 5

FullSizeRenderWhen we announced the morning meditation sessions in my youth organization OMIX Ribadavia, I was certainly expecting to guide them in English, since my Spanish is very weak for being able to guide a session. But it must have been some kind of a powerful energy when four Spanish ladies arrived to my first morning session: I realized that all I want to do, and all I have to do – is to speak Spanish to them, no matter what. While I am somehow able (mas o menos) to explain the introduction part of meditation, tell about the benefits and techniques of meditation, I am totally lost when it comes to the vocabulary that I need to use while guiding a session. Yet, I was trying my best to say at least some words in Spanish (realizing that they are probably wrong grammatically), and in the end we had a semi English, semi Spanish session.

The ladies seemed quite happy, and that’s when I realized that a wish to share can be stronger than words. Moreover, I remembered a situation that I experienced in Japan in 2009. I was there with an exchange program, and in one of our workshops, we had a Japanese workshop leader who could not speak English. All she said were one or two words that implied “start” and “finish” of the workshop. That time, a thought occured in my mind: how can she be a workshop leader when she cannot even speak English? How can she guide us? But then – after having a productive workshop where we exchanged many ideas – I understood, that in order to express oneself, it is not only about the words. As long as you achieve the result, there are many other ways to speak. And silence is one of them. I was impressed seeing that, and since then made an important lesson for myself: what matters is not whether you can or cannot, but whether you do or do not. Just find your way!

I will try to apply this for my future Spanglish meditation sessions, meanwhile – trying to improve my Spanish through meditation.


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  1. ESTHER says:

    Muy bien!! Me alegro mucho guapa. For sure the Language is not a trouble! 🙂 Congrats from Barcelona.


    1. Muchicismas gracias, Esther de Barcelona! 🙂 Abrazos!


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