Like Eating Strawberries, One By One

Venue: OMIX Ribadavia youth centre
Country: Spain
Date: January 19, 2016
Number of People: 7


After the second morning meditation session in OMIX Ribadavia youth centre, we fell into a discussion about practicing mindfulness in daily life. How to actually do it? You wake up in the morning, you have to prepare the kids for school, make breakfast, and then come to the meditation session at 9.30. A lady was wondering. It is easy to say: it will come with practice. But how to practice it? How to make that practice easier, more natural and integrated in our day-to-day life?

Pablo has been meditating for six months. He shared how mindfulness has changed the way he perceives life. Now he pays more attention to daily activities, like eating. “Even when I sit down and eat strawberries, I enjoy them more than I did before, feeling the shape, the taste, the emotion that accompanies each strawberry,” says Pablo. It is a different feeling to do the same action automatically, and to do it mindfully. Once we start paying attention to each little action we do, we start enjoying it, and that is the gift of mindfulness.

Why not apply the same technique with all moments of your life? Why not “eat” them like strawberries: one by one, enjoying each and everyone.




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