For Warmer Meditation Sessions

Venue: OMIX Ribadavia youth centre
Country: Spain
Date: January 26, 2016
Number of People: 3

WP_20160126_003Then, on the day before our meditation session, a lady came to the OMIX youth centre carrying something in her hands. As she started unwrapping it from the white plastic bag, I noticed a heater. She had brought it from home to make our meditation sessions warmer. She is one of the regular participants, and surely, she has noticed the technical issue that we normally face: there is no heating in the entire house, so our meditation room is cold; we use electrical heaters to warm up the room, but the flow may not be strong enough. Moreover, our heaters make noise which is disturbing for some of the participants while meditating.

Now, as she was explaining me how to use it, I felt it is not only about the heater that will make the room warmer. It is about these ladies that keep coming to every session, that care for these sessions being patient with my Spanish, and that warm the room with their kindness.


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