An Evening In Chile

Venue: Online meditation session (Special Ops) through Skype
Country: Santiago, Chile
Date: January 31, 2016
Number of People: 7 + a cat (he was meditating too and could not open his eyes after the session :D)

monicaIt could have been a cold January evening in Spain, but thanks to Monica (my Colombian Peace Rebel on Peace Revolution platform) who currently lives in Chile, I too had an opportunity to travel there. Unlike regular online meditation sessions (Special Ops), Monica greatly surprised me with turning this into a unique activity for her friends and me. Already as we connected on Skype, I could see how much she had prepared for the event: she had put up the flags of Colombia and Chile uniting both countries, she had made white paper peace birds, and all her friends were wearing white coloured clothes.  Moreover, after the meditation session, Monica guided us through a special ritual of sharing resolutions and passing them from a hand to hand in a circle. Though I was connected via Skype, I felt so much present in her room with all those good words that her friends shared, positive feelings, love and tears. I felt truly experiencing it. Finally, we even hugged with myself being on the screen, impressed how positive intentions and emotions can travel despite distances. Isn’t it the best that we can give to ourselves and others? The presence.



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