Meditation Break Amidst “Reinventing Democracy”

Venue: New Helvetia Hotel
Country: Pano Platres, Cyprus
Date: February 9, 2016
Number of People: 4 + 1 (our project coordinator secretly and silently joined the session once it had already started)


After a busy day of discussions in the “Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era” project in Pano Platres, Cyprus, we returned to the hotel, and just before dinner, some of the participants decided to find a quiet corner to practice inner peace time. Unfortunately, the corridor that we found, was not that quiet in the end since other people continued walking and talking, yet, we seized the moment and managed to cultivate some inner peace. An Italian girl said, it was a nice sensation not feeling her hands. She also felt more energy after the session. A Ukrainian girl said, she liked taking deep breaths, while a guy from Serbia felt as if before falling sleeping, yet being awake and aware. When we opened our eyes, it was surprising to see that the open space had given some advantages too: our project coordinator Yiannis Laouris had secretly joined the session and meditated with us.


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