Meditation Guides My Life


When my parents saw me meditating, their reaction was: how can one sit like that doing nothing. It is not far from what we do in meditation or how it may look from aside. Yet, this “nothing” is actually a very careful practice that helps to clean the mind from contamination (thoughts, stress, negativity) so that it can perform better and be more efficient. Sounds easy, right? It is. And it is not. Meditation is something that perfectly describes the balance that happens naturally when we follow the principles from the meditation guide.

Now that I am guiding meditation sessions for others, I have understood that this mindful “nothingness” that we sustain in meditation, this balance between comfort and concentration actually teaches everything that we need to know about life. Though meditation guide gives very simply instructions, every part of it contains a deeper meaning. Adjust your sitting position, close your eyes, take a deep breath, find your centre and maintain the focus there, do not have expectations… As we read through these words, they are not complicated at all to follow. Yet, we tend to have both good and not-so-good meditation experiences, good and not-so-good life experiences.

With a constant meditation practice, I have noticed that without realizing or not, everything we achieve in life, goes through those same principles that we follow when we cultivate our inner peace. In order to explore that in more detail, idomeditation blog starts a series of lessons where I will share what I have learnt from a simple meditation guide and that keeps guiding me throughout my life.  Hence, the name of the series – Meditation Guides My Life.

The aim of these series is to realize that we can take life easier, and whenever we face a difficult situation, – remember what we would do in meditation. That said, meditation is not at all sitting and doing nothing. It is a constant search of oneself through daily life situations that one faces. That “nothing” actually tells you something.

Let’s begin by adjusting our sitting posture. Read about physical and mental sitting positions already tomorrow!


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