Close Your Eyes, Build Taj Mahal Inside!


When I went to India, it was a must to see Taj Mahal. Now that I think: I didn’t spend there more than an hour, just roamed around and clicked some photos on a very hot and humid day, and honestly – I liked the view from the back better.

The reason to close our eyes in meditation is to block ourselves from external images. This way we actually open our eyes to a new world that lies within.

In our daily life, we are used to look outside. We open our eyes and notice the neighbour’s new car, our colleague’s new promotion, our friend’s trip around the world. We open our Facebook and scroll down the images of our friends doing things that we would like to do to or being in places where we would like to be.

This is the moment when we should close our eyes both physically and mentally. For some reason, we often tend to compare our lives with other people’s life. We tend to think that they are happier, they have less problems and their life is more interesting. However, the more outside we look, the more we detach ourselves from our own life until we may end up living our entire life comparing ourselves to others, and not really revealing our own hidden potential. Everyone’s life is unique. Everyone’s life can be beautiful. We only need to start looking inside and finding things that we like about being ourselves.

When I was little, I had difficulties integrating among my classmates. I was very timid and shy, I studied very hard, so everyone started calling me a nerd. All I wanted was to be like them. To like that same music they liked, to hang out after school, to go to parties, to gossip about guys like all the girls did. I did not like being myself, because no one liked me, no one wanted to be with me. I felt sad and unhappy, often being mocked and talked behind my back. I came home and felt disappointed, not realizing how I was slowly growing anger inside, sometimes expressing it to my family. Yet whenever it was time to go to school, I  always turned inwards, feeling intimidated and perplexed.

One day, when I was 16, I turned on that famous TV broadcast that everyone was watching, and my life changed in three minutes. I heard a song that so much connected to me, that I immediately felt a new wave of energy growing inside. It was The Crash song Lauren Caught My Eye which started a new feeling in me. I fell in love with the song so much that I finally found myself in it; I finally did not care what  others would say. Should I like this music or not? Will they like it? It did not matter. I liked it! And I wanted to explore it more. I had finally closed my eyes to others, and opened eyes to myself.

When the band announced that they would be coming to Latvia, I – who had always been afraid to ask my parents for a permission to go to parties – plucked up my courage to let me go to that concert in another city in Latvia. I had not travelled anywhere by myself. My parents allowed me to go with a condition that I go with someone. I did not have true friends, but my craving to see the band, that feeling that had happened inside me took over and I found a friend with whom to go. I went to the concert. A year later – to another concert until I travelled to Finland at the age of 17 to attend a gig in Helsinki and spend time with other The Crash fans. Without realizing, I had made friends. This all gave me so much energy and confidence, that soon everyone knew me as The Crash girl, and instead of scaring people away from me, I started gathering them around me, because I could no longer hold my enthusiasm, my happiness, my energy about one thing that I had discovered in myself: my passion for music. And everyone wanted to “drink” from it.

instead of scaring people away from me, I started gathering them around me, because I could no longer hold my enthusiasm, my happiness, my energy about one thing that I had discovered in myself: my passion for music.

It always starts with oneself. When you like something – a song, a view, a play, a country – it grows as a feeling that is your first connection to yourself. Songs will come and go, you will move from one country to another, but the important thing is to always maintain that feeling, that connection with whatever you do and wherever you are.

Of course, we are not perfect. We all tend to look outside sometimes. This is why the practice of closing the eyes should be done regularly. Next time, when you feel like living someone else’s life, close your eyes for a while to see that all you need is already within you, waiting to be discovered. Close your eyes for 15 minutes every day (meditate!), and you will start loving yourself, you will discover more and more of your inner world, you will build your own Taj Mahal inside and shine with that to others.


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