When Stress Leads To An Urgent Rest

basmaOne day, my friend and a colleague from the Middle East and North Africa Committee, Basma announced that she has to take an urgent rest. Upon hearing this, I offered to guide a meditation session for her via Skype and learn more about her present life situation, as well as explain to her the nature of the mind.

We organized a meditation session on a fine Saturday morning, and I was happy to see Basma smiling. She had already started meditating by herself, taking it as a new resolution at the beginning of 2016. Now she practises meditation three times a week, each time for 10 minutes. It helps her to see herself in a new and calm perspective, to scan carefully through her emotions towards the life issues.

As Basma recalls, what led her to the state of taking an urgent rest were many health issues that she confronted already long ago. She thought she had a serious health issue related to her brain or heart. Meanwhile, she faced a stressful period in her work and the closest relations in her life. Under the risk of her health, she decided to get an urgent rest to make sure what was going on with her. When she went to a doctor, he told her, that there was nothing but stress.


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