Bus To Oakland

Venue: Casa da Horta – associação cultural
Country: Porto, Portugal
Date: May 14, 2016
Number of People: 12


On a bus from Vigo (Spain) to Porto, I happened to sit next to a Korean guy. He had just finished walking the Santiago Road (Camino Santiago) and was now on the way to explore Portugal before returning to Oakland, New Zealand where he currently lives. When he asked about my plans, I told him that I would be giving a meditation workshop the following day. I invited him to join me and and passed the address of the venue. The next day – to my surprise – he was there and participated in my workshop with 11 other people at Casa da Horta. We meditated,  we spoke about the benefits of meditation, and my Korean friend shared how meditation  has helped him to walk the Santiago Road.  On the way back, I was again taking a bus from Porto to Vigo. As we were nearing the Portugal-Spain border, an Asian lady sat next to me. We started chatting. She too appeared to be living in Oakland, though originally from Japan.  She too was travelling around Portugal and Spain before returning home. She too asked me what I had been doing in Portugal, and that’s when we started speaking about meditation.

What an interesting composition of my journey! I thought I was going to Portugal when the bus took me to Oakland. This is when I understood that in order to spread peace, we don’t need to reach destination; it starts here, right in the moment, with that person who sits next to you.





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