First Meditation Session In Latvia

Venue: RED organization
Country: Riga, Latvia
Date: November 1, 2016
Number of People: 12


First November, first snow in Riga, and my first meditation session in Latvia and in Latvian. After guiding so many sessions in English and Spanish, in so many countries in Europe, I had no idea that my PIPO (Peace In Peace Out) mission would eventually bring me home. When I saw the people smiling, asking questions, staying longer and opening up to share their sincere vibes and energy, this was the best gift I could ever receive, that incredibly rewarding feeling to know that we have so much willingness inside to work with ourselves, to become more mindful and more happy, more grateful about every single day; to become better human beings towards ourselves and towards that little world that we create around us. “It’s so good that you are here,” one of the girls said after the meditation session, opening her arms and her heart, her smile in her face, and I was happy to be home, I was happy to see the Hope. Paldies!




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