Spring Meditation For All Generations

Venue: RED organization
Country: Riga, Latvia
Date: April 7, 2017
Number of People: 12

Liene with whom I organized PIPO Latvia invited me to guide a public meditation session in Riga. The aim of the session was to awaken our minds from winter, and notice the Spring slowly spreading all across the town and in our minds. Though it was raining on April 7th, many of the participants did not mind it at all, finding beauty in the moment and the rain.

Since it was not that long ago that Liene and I were organizing PIPO Latvia in December 2016, most of the participants had attended one or several sessions with our beloved Teaching Monk LP John from Thailand. Now they were here again, and as one of the participants said: what dragged her from session to session, were those special moments after meditation full of childishness, sincerity, joy and innocence.

Coloured in memories from PIPO, we immersed our minds into the serenity of a Friday evening, listening to the rain slowly fading away, disappearing into spaciousness. Then as we opened our eyes, we shared the moment, the tea and the cookies, knowing nothing about boundaries or differences in age, nationality or occupation; knowing only meditation, so uniting, pure and real.




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