Morning Brightness in Nova Gradiška

Venue: Hotel “Slavonski Biser”
Country: Nova Gradiška, Croatia
Date: April 20, 2017
Number of People: 4

In April, I was happy to attend the training course about the social inclusion (Youth for Inclusion, Inclusion for Youth) that took place in Nova Gradiška, Croatia. As soon as I told the group that I am a meditation trainer, many of them became interested to try meditation. Especially Romanian girls, Elena, Carmen, and Dalmonia showed much interest in exploring it more until one day Carmen proposed to guide a session for them.

That morning, she appeared at breakfast wearing bright yellow top, and ran to me as soon as she saw me. “Didn’t I miss it?” Carmen was so excited to try meditation that all her being was radiating. Moreover, she had invited the other Romanian girls and the Spanish guy Diego to join our morning session as well.

We gathered in a small room while everyone was still having breakfast, and there was some time left until the first workshop. I explained them the meditation techniques, and we started to embrace the morning freshness and still the mind. After 22 minutes of cultivating the inner peace, I was impressed by some of the experiences that my friends had. Carmen said that she saw colours, while Dalmonia shared that it felt like only 10 minutes long and she experienced losing the sensation of her body.

We continued sharing the meditation talks and looking forward to the next session.



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