Surprise Meditation in Starci

Venue: Starci
Country: Slavonia countryside, Croatia
Date: April 23, 2017
Number of People: 16

Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk

The Training Course “Youth for Inclusion, Inclusion for Youth” (Y4II4Y) where I took part from April 18 to 26 surprised us in many ways: it was surprisingly cold in the first days in Croatia; the group energy was surprisingly amazing gathering people from Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, and Romania like long-lost friends; and there was a surprise meditation session that I organized for the group thanks to the project coordinator Nina who found a space for this activity on a relaxing Sunday.

We gathered in a very cosy place called Starci in Slavonian countryside, with the sounds of the fire crackling in the background, with the long-awaited sunshine beaming outside. Participants were so curious to try meditation that they had many questions already before we started the session. They asked about the right way of breathing, the sitting posture and invited me to go around and check that they place their hands correctly: right on the left, right hand’s index finger slightly touching left hand’s thumb.

Meditation started peacefully and relaxingly, yet some obstacles may have caused distractions towards the end. However, participants seemed very happy, and we continued sharing experiences and speaking about meditation, different techniques, obstacles, right time for meditation and other topics until the call for dinner came. Time flew, and I felt that the session had made us become more united and accepting towards each other which was especially gratifying when learning about social inclusion and making more inclusive societies around us.

Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk
Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk
Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk
Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk
Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk

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