Meditation For Verónica

Venue: Hotel “Slavonski Biser”
Country: Nova Gradiška, Croatia
Date: April 24, 2017
Number of People: 1

Photo credits: Paolo Pelesk

How unfortunate! Our Spanish participants Verónica and Diego had to leave a day before the end of the training course “Youth for Inclusion, Inclusion for Youth”. In fact, they were leaving at night. I loved them both during the training course as it happened many times that we were in one group, working on the same simulation game, learning together through experiences, speaking in Spanish and meditating.

On that last day, there was one thing that Verónica asked me: she wanted me to guide her a meditation session. It was not easy to find time – I was busy with some other tasks, we had group activities, the room was loud; yet I thought: if this is what Verónica wants, we shall find time.

It was a few hours before Verónica left. We went to the small room, located next to the stairs. It gave some private space, yet we could still hear people laughing and talking, listening to the music in the main room (this was their free time after all), someone talking on the phone and the hotel living its normal evening life. Not paying attention to that, we sat down, we closed our eyes and we meditated. After many months of not using my Spanish, I was guiding in Spanish to allow Verónica feel the language easier.

As I looked at the watch, I noticed that instead of the planned 15 minutes we had meditated for nearly half an hour. Before asking Verónica about her experience, I was sure that the party next door, the loud hotel environment and someone talking on the phone, would have definitely affected Verónica’s inner stillness, but what Verónica told me was completely opposite: she had experienced the best meditation so far with brightness appearing after darkness, with a clear visualization of a full moon and feeling herself from inside while moving attention from one place to another. When the time came to spread loving kindness and peace energy, she said it felt so natural to do it, to feel it expanding.

Verónica was shining as she was sharing with me her experience; she was filled with positive energy which is a clear sign of how meditation and inner stillness can bring so much positive change. Her beautiful experience did not only surprise me; it made me convinced of the power of meditation: if someone wants to meditate, it is the meditation that speaks – it is already an answer coming from within. We shall listen to it.



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