Two Rebels, Two Angels In Rijeka

Venue: Academia de Capoeira
Country: Rijeka, Croatia
Date: April 26 , 2017
Number of People: 13

Photo credits: James Duffy.

Last summer, almost a year ago, I guided an online meditation session to Silvija, a girl from Rijeka, Croatia. It was already then that I felt a very good vibe coming from this session and from Silvija. This year, as I had planned my journey to Croatia for attending a Training Course, I had one free day left when I could do my meditation activities. Though Rijeka seemed far away, I decided to go there having received Silvija’s kind invitation.

Photo credits: James Duffy.

Being both my host and my workshop organizer, Silvija had taken care of all the details, starting from finding the venue and preparing all the necessary details to booking my bus tickets to the airport next morning. She even involved her boyfriend who appeared to be a professional photographer and took photos of the workshop. She was a true Angel of Rijeka.

During the workshop, I also got to meet Valentina, my other friend from Croatia and a Peace Rebel that I had coached on Peace Revolution platform last year. Having found out about the workshop, Valentina had done an amazing promotion. Moreover, she had invited also her Father, her sister and her boyfriend to join meditation.

Though many people had meditated before, they were interested in trying a new technique. After meditation we shared some talks and a profound stillness, allowing and accepting everyone, accepting awkwardness as it was, and ending the session with a candle-light circle passing the light from one to another and sharing what we feel grateful for. My gratitude went to these two Rebels, two Angels that had been so incredibly nice to me, and that I finally got a chance to meet in the beautiful city of Rijeka by the Adriatic coast.

Photo credits: James Duffy.
Photo credits: James Duffy.

Photo credits: James Duffy.


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