Meditation With EVS Volunteers in Riga

Venue: Liene’s Apartment
Country: Riga, Latvia
Date: May 1, 2017
Number of People: 11

A year ago, I was a European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteer in a small village in Spain. I never thought that my experience was special – just like everyone, I had moments of brightness, I went through challenges, and I learnt a lot. Thanks to Liene (my PIPO Latvia friend) and her initiative to organize a meditation session for EVS volunteers in Riga, I realized how much one story can empower others on their own journey to change.

As volunteers from Croatia, Northern Ireland, France and Mexico gathered in Liene’s small room, the openness from their hearts gave so much space for talks, laughs, sharing, for including everyone and daring to be real and self, for opening up to new experience and why not meditation. Having meditated for 36 minutes and cultivated our inner stillness, we passed on the Little Mouse and shared what we are grateful for, realising how necessary the challenges are. They give us the courage to go out there and bring your mission to others. To sing when you have been told you cannot. To speak about stress management in Spanish when your Spanish is not good. To overcome difficulties with patience and openness. Because what can go wrong? One can only learn and develop; and jumping on the biggest challenge may bring the sweetest fruits.


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