Meditation With Draugiem

Venue: Draugiem Group Office
Country: Riga, Latvia
Date: May 29, 2017
Number of People: 4

It is always a pleasure to be in this green, refreshing, tropical room! Draugiem and especially Liene Grenevica supported us during our meditation tour Peace In Peace Out in Latvia in December 2016 when Monk LP John was here to guide meditation sessions and give meditation clinics. They continue meditating  with LP John every month, and most importantly – they are with us on this inner journey to explore oneself and stay open to new opportunities. Thank you Draugiem and Liene for organizing this. It was an honour for me to guide a session to the most enthusiastic meditators and share what meditation means to me.

Draugiem is a social network in Latvia, like Facebook, that offers a platform for people to connect with each other and be friends. Draugiem Group is a Latvian and American IT company that runs several IT projects and start-ups.



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