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Namaste! My name is Agnija Kazuša. I am a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer, a writer and a peace activist. I was born in Ogre, Latvia on 2nd of November, 1985 and grew up in Lielvārde. Yet I keep travelling all around the world – from Helsinki to Cairo, from Bogota to Tokyo – to continuously search, learn and discover myself within different cultures, customs and religions.

I started my career as a freelance journalist, working for one of the most popular newspapers in Latvia, Diena and other print and online media. Back then, I also had my radio show on an internet radio station, as well as I was an editor-in-chief at the local newspaper Lielvārdes Ziņas in Latvia.

Having gained a Master’s degree in Communication Science, I spent three years teaching English in Egypt, Latvia, Morocco, India and China. I became actively involved in global cooperation and international youth organizations, like AEGEE, AIESEC, European Youth Press, Anna Lindh Foundation, Middle East and North Africa Committee (menac) and FEJS Latvija, which I initiated and co-founded in 2008. The aim of FEJS Latvija is to allow local journalism students and media makers improve their professional skills and connect with each other. Though I am not anymore involved in most of these organizations, I still keep my personal networks with them active.

After my life and work experience in Egypt, I started a creative writing career, and wrote my first novel Three Cups of Egypt. It was published in a web portal for women Sievietes Pasaule. From 2013 until 2015 I took Creative Writing classes at the Literary Academy in Riga. During this period, I wrote my second novel Bruno (published by Lauku Avīze publishing house in May 2016) and several short stories; some of them have been published by internet journal Satori and awarded and published by the European Institute of the Mediterranean A Sea of Words short story contest.


In the beginning of 2015, I became actively involved in the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) and its project Peace Revolution that changed my life and opened my eyes to a happier and healthier life thanks to a daily practice of meditation. Since then I have taught meditation to more than 1000 people in Serbia, Latvia, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal and Spain where I spent a year as a European Voluntary Service volunteer at a youth organization OMIX Ribadavia. In March 2017, I got my Dream Job and started working for the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) as Communication Manager for Europe.

No matter where I go and what I do, I focus on a single day; and as a single day passes by I want to carry my mission of being a Peace Architect; of  continuing to explore the potential of the mind and inspire others on their journey to inner peace and happiness, through sharing my loving kindness and my stories.


My profile on Peace Revolution website


I like to tell stories about my travel experiences from all over the world. Check more on Travel to Tell the Tale.


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