Creativity Begins With A Space

What took me to a Literary Festival was my own story of once being a desperate writer whose biggest dream was to get published (as if this would be the moment when I can truly call myself a writer). In fact, I am now published, but feeling much less as a writer, because back then, when I was writing every day – this is what truly made me a writer, and not when I am having some published material out.


Sharing Light On The PIPO Night

On the last night, the participants from the youth exchange “Empty Your Mind to Fill it With Creativity” gathered on the dock for the Peace In, Peace Out Night where we passed the light to each other and shared some last moments of dreams, reflections and profound thoughts about life, and the meaning of it.

Yoga On The Dock

What a privilege to start a morning with meditation, some yoga and lie down in savasana on the dock embraced by the beautiful Miño river!


On the Day 6 of our Inner Peace Time Journey, we are learning to stay neutral to all our thoughts and obstacles, and just be there and observe, and enjoy the serenity of the nature.