Finding Life Purpose Is A Journey

Why are we here? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? During the workshop “Finding Life Purpose” in Apollo Foundation Theatre in Hyderabad (India), we tackled this question not to find answers, but rather to understand the tools that can be used to get ourselves closer to our life purpose (as each of us has a different one), as well as to make sure that each day that we spend on this planet is meaningful. 


How To Set A Better Life Goal?

Watch a video on how to set a better life goal.

Mountains That Took Me Home

January 1st, 2016. I wake up in my room in Ribadavia village in Galicia, Spain. It is an early morning, and I can still feel the spirit of the New Year’s Eve pulsating in the tiny village streets. People have gone out partying and some are just now returning home. The village takes a deep breath, but I want to rise early; start a new day, and a New Year.