Meditation Brings Joy at RUNA Tearoom

Where to find joy? Sometimes we think, that external things bring us joy. It is not wrong. In fact, they do. This calming tea, these cookies, these glittering lights at RUNA tearoom… Aren’t they joyous? But then we realize that whatever external we come in contact with, it does not last forever. It is impermanent and passing, and that can hit us hard if we have already established an attachment with it. Then, is there something we can truly rely on?


Inner Peace Time in Dobele: giving your best self to others

From June 10th to 15th, nearly 50 young people from Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Latvia gathered in the city of Dobele for the youth exchange “Youth Arts for Social Change”. Before starting their day with activities related to youth problems in their countries and finding creative solutions for them, these young people were given an opportunity to cultivate their inner peace thus taking care of the mind, the origin of our thoughts, ideas, speech and actions.

Meditation Unites Balcantic Youth in Estonia

Though it was a short meditation practice during the NGO Fair, for many of 18 participants who joined the session, it was their first time meditating. Young people from Croatia, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovenia enjoyed a 12 minute stillness after a long day of work, many of them later saying it was a good and inspiring experience.

Kids Trying To Guess Where To Hide Happiness

“Zīļuks” is a home for 18 kids who are taken away from their parents due to facing  psychologically or socially difficult situation back home. Now living in the family support centre in Ērgļi (Latvia), they occasionally receive visitors who  bring them clothes, sweets, food, and other gifts.  What we (Peace Revolution Latvia team) decided to bring them was meditation and a story about 3 demons who were trying to hide happiness from a human.