Conflicts Should Be Solved In The Minds Of People

It is true, we may not be capable to resolve those conflicts directly, we may not be able to change a government that we don’t like or to stop injustice. In fact, we have to realize and accept that we do not have control over many things, situations and events in this life. So, what we can do is always to start with ourselves, with our inner peace, always going back to own mistakes as the only person that we can control is myself, and the only mind that we can take care of is my own mind. If more people did, their communities would become more peaceful. And from a community to community, from person to person, it can lead to a more peaceful world. 


View Life As One, Balanced and Wholesome!

On a fine Sunday morning 8 people from Hyderabad joined the workshop about work-life balance. During the workshop we learned that, in order to balance our life, each  of us should take care of four responsibilities: physical health, economic/work,  social, mental/mind. If we don’t take care of these responsibilities, they will eventually become our problems. For instance, if we don’t exercise, we may face health problems.

Meditation Is About Being, Not Doing

“Breakfast for the Mind” was the first meditation workshop that I offered at Apollo Foundation Theatre in Hyderabad, India. Though the early Sunday morning at 10.30 first looked hopeless to gather people for meditation, some 15 minutes later, ten people came to practice meditation and learn together about the importance of the mind. 

Morning Stillness in Cēsis

There is no greater joy than waking up early with meditation in the nature. Enveloped in the stillness of Cēsis surroundings, some of the participants of the Summer Academy of Latvian Youth Council enjoyed a beautiful start of a promising day ahead. Very honoured to be here and share my meditation mission.