Creativity Begins With A Space

What took me to a Literary Festival was my own story of once being a desperate writer whose biggest dream was to get published (as if this would be the moment when I can truly call myself a writer). In fact, I am now published, but feeling much less as a writer, because back then, when I was writing every day – this is what truly made me a writer, and not when I am having some published material out.


How Teaching Meditation Taught Me Spanish

That is what I did. I made a poster, and there was no way back. I translated my meditation script into Spanish and slowly started learning it. When the time came to do the workshop, I was not at all perfect. In fact, my Spanish was very bad, yet the enthusiasm to share came out before I said a single word. So, this is what I remember from those classes – not what I said, but the pure passion that was a language on its own. Speaking with mistakes, mixing Spanish and English, mixing tenses; that seemed unimportant to me as I kept on returning to my intention to share. Moreover, this experience made me learn several lessons:

Peace Art From Lebanon

Some months ago, I guided an online meditation session (so called Special Ops) to Nicolas Maalouf and his friends from Lebanon. Later I got to know that he has been selected for the Peace Revolution Artistic Creation and Meditation Retreat that will take place at a beautiful sanctuary in Southern Thailand from 22nd July to 5th August 2016 bringing together around 30 Artists from various artistic disciplines, from all around the world. Today Nicolas sends me this beautiful gift for coaching him on the Peace Revolution platform. What an honor to guide beautiful souls and become a part of their self-development journey!

The Flower And The Man

There was a Happy Flower, and an Angry Man. The Angry Man lived a stressful life. His work, his family, his loan to pay. The Flower’s life was simple. She was blooming all day long on the way to the Man’s work. She had noticed the Man. He would pass by very quickly every morning…