Peace Art From Lebanon

Some months ago, I guided an online meditation session (so called Special Ops) to Nicolas Maalouf and his friends from Lebanon. Later I got to know that he has been selected for the Peace Revolution Artistic Creation and Meditation Retreat that will take place at a beautiful sanctuary in Southern Thailand from 22nd July to 5th August 2016 bringing together around 30 Artists from various artistic disciplines, from all around the world. Today Nicolas sends me this beautiful gift for coaching him on the Peace Revolution platform. What an honor to guide beautiful souls and become a part of their self-development journey!


The Flower And The Man

There was a Happy Flower, and an Angry Man. The Angry Man lived a stressful life. His work, his family, his loan to pay. The Flower’s life was simple. She was blooming all day long on the way to the Man’s work. She had noticed the Man. He would pass by very quickly every morning…

What I Learnt From A Cockroach

And then, as I am standing in the rain, hearing thunder and seeing lightning, I cannot believe the absurdity – a giant cockroach has kicked me out of the apartment.
I was actually about to meditate. Just before moving to my meditation corner, a cockroach flies in through the open window and lands on the carpet. Then it runs up to the wall reaching the curtain next to the door, and that’s where I last see her. The electricity suddenly cuts off.
Of course, I am in India where two calamities should happen at the same time. Now what?

Invisible Monkeys

Next day, the Man went for work again. This time, the Girl kept all doors closed. When the Man came home, she was in the kitchen preparing dinner.
“Why were the front doors open?” the Man asked her.
“No, they were closed,” the Girl said.
“Closed, but not locked from inside, which means I can open them, and since you are not in the living room, you could not even notice when the monkeys come in.”
“Oh, I thought I could since I was just here in the kitchen. But can monkeys open the door?”
“Sure, they can. If they can open the fridge, they can open the door, too.”