Meditation Is About Being, Not Doing

“Breakfast for the Mind” was the first meditation workshop that I offered at Apollo Foundation Theatre in Hyderabad, India. Though the early Sunday morning at 10.30 first looked hopeless to gather people for meditation, some 15 minutes later, ten people came to practice meditation and learn together about the importance of the mind. 


Meditation With Draugiem

It is always a pleasure to be in this green, refreshing, tropical room! Draugiem and especially Liene Grenevica supported us during our meditation tour Peace In Peace Out in Latvia in December 2016 when Monk LP John was here to guide meditation sessions and give meditation clinics. They continue meditating  with LP John every month, and most importantly – they are with us on this inner journey to explore oneself and stay open to new opportunities. Thank you Draugiem and Liene for organizing this. It was an honour for me to guide a session to the most enthusiastic meditators and share what meditation means to me.

Changing Perspectives

I was invited to give a meditation session at a conference ‘’Integration through youth work – TRY together’’ in Riga organized by the Baltic Youth Way. Though the audience at first seemed quite unsure about meditation, with respect to the fact that they had their own ways of taking care of the mind, like singing, I freely allowed them to share their doubts, questions, disagreements and objections that they had already before the session. Then, after 24 minutes of meditation that I guided to them, I was surprised – and I think they too – about the complete change that had happened in the room. We all froze in silence, slowly coming back and reflecting to what happened. They said they could relax, and even proposed a Latvian version for the powerful vibration of “Samma Arahang”. It felt so incredible as we kept on talking, and as this all made me realize: just go out there and do your job! Go on with your mission wherever it takes you! Because you never know how it can turn out and what aspects you can challenge and change in the minds of people.

Meditation Cat

This had never happened before: as I was guiding the session to the participants of the training course in Romania, feeling how with each breath the entire world becomes slower,  I suddenly felt something soft approaching my hands. I froze for a while almost opening my eyes not knowing what it was and how I should react, but then a pleasant sensation, a spontaneous trust convinced me to stay where I was. I kept on guiding the session, only later realizing that it was a cat, accepting him who too wanted to participate, who meditated with me till the end of the session and who made me realize how it is in everyone’s nature to seek for peace.