Kids Trying To Guess Where To Hide Happiness

“Zīļuks” is a home for 18 kids who are taken away from their parents due to facing  psychologically or socially difficult situation back home. Now living in the family support centre in Ērgļi (Latvia), they occasionally receive visitors who  bring them clothes, sweets, food, and other gifts.  What we (Peace Revolution Latvia team) decided to bring them was meditation and a story about 3 demons who were trying to hide happiness from a human.


Could Meditation Be Used As a Tool in Peace Education?

With increasingly global world where borders expand easily, and one nation meets another one, it becomes important to live and learn in a peaceful society starting from an early age. “We began every day  by saying “good morning” in 9 languages in the school where I used to teach,” shares Hanna Niittymäki from Peace Education Institute in Finland at Peace Education Winter School.

Conflicts Should Be Solved In The Minds Of People

It is true, we may not be capable to resolve those conflicts directly, we may not be able to change a government that we don’t like or to stop injustice. In fact, we have to realize and accept that we do not have control over many things, situations and events in this life. So, what we can do is always to start with ourselves, with our inner peace, always going back to own mistakes as the only person that we can control is myself, and the only mind that we can take care of is my own mind. If more people did, their communities would become more peaceful. And from a community to community, from person to person, it can lead to a more peaceful world. 

Creativity Begins With A Space

What took me to a Literary Festival was my own story of once being a desperate writer whose biggest dream was to get published (as if this would be the moment when I can truly call myself a writer). In fact, I am now published, but feeling much less as a writer, because back then, when I was writing every day – this is what truly made me a writer, and not when I am having some published material out.