Meditation Is About Being, Not Doing

“Breakfast for the Mind” was the first meditation workshop that I offered at Apollo Foundation Theatre in Hyderabad, India. Though the early Sunday morning at 10.30 first looked hopeless to gather people for meditation, some 15 minutes later, ten people came to practice meditation and learn together about the importance of the mind. 


How To Set A Better Life Goal?

Watch a video on how to set a better life goal.

How Teaching Meditation Taught Me Spanish

That is what I did. I made a poster, and there was no way back. I translated my meditation script into Spanish and slowly started learning it. When the time came to do the workshop, I was not at all perfect. In fact, my Spanish was very bad, yet the enthusiasm to share came out before I said a single word. So, this is what I remember from those classes – not what I said, but the pure passion that was a language on its own. Speaking with mistakes, mixing Spanish and English, mixing tenses; that seemed unimportant to me as I kept on returning to my intention to share. Moreover, this experience made me learn several lessons:

Morning Stillness in Cēsis

There is no greater joy than waking up early with meditation in the nature. Enveloped in the stillness of Cēsis surroundings, some of the participants of the Summer Academy of Latvian Youth Council enjoyed a beautiful start of a promising day ahead. Very honoured to be here and share my meditation mission.