Why Meditate?

When I started meditating, I have to admit – I did not see how it benefits to my life. Moreover, being active, busy and socially engaged person, I even thought of meditation as a waste of time. I changed my mind completely after attending the Peace Revolution Fellowship in Thailand in February 2015. Now I am not only grateful to this beautiful organization that made revolutionary changes in me; I am convinced that all my problems – and those of yours – can be answered with one word: meditation.

When we close our eyes to still the mind, we open ourselves to a much more profound world that lies within us. We leave the outside world aside and become true to our pure being that knows none of those external worries that come and go all the time. We start loving ourselves and others; we become grateful and accept the present moment as it is. We start taking control of our mind.

But what does it mean to take control of one’s mind? Let us explore this in more detail.

What is the mind? – It is a part of ourselves. As human beings, we consist of a body and a mind.

What is the nature of the mind? – It likes to wander, to travel far and fast, to jump from one thought to another, without finishing any of those.

Is wandering mind something bad? – Yes, because it wastes your energy and time. Imagine, you are physically in one place, but thinking about something else, worrying about the future, regretting something you did or said in the past. This is a wandering mind that does not allow us to be present.

What happens when we are not present? – We cannot fully use our potential for the present moment. We are not mindful. Moreover, mind that is not present and not controlled will lead us to unmindful actions (that we may later regret) and even stress. And stress leads to diseases, depression and negativity in your life; our mind  becomes contaminated.

So, how can meditation help to deal with stress? – It will calm down your mind, and you will be able to see your life situations more clearly, and hence – take better decisions with a clear and free mind. Because no good decisions, no new ideas can arise in a stressful, worried mind. Even worse – you will spread that contamination further with your thoughts, speech and actions.

So, what is meditation? – It is a practice when your mind is standstill, focused and peaceful. It is a training for the mind.

And how often should I meditate? – Just like you clean your body every day (you take a shower, you brush your teeth), you should also clean your mind every day.

For how long? – To begin with, 15 minutes will be enough to still your mind and make it clear every day; ideally in the morning when you just wake up and in the evening before going to bed. Later you can increase your meditation to 30 minutes – that is then you will enjoy your inner feeling and gravity at the centre of the body, becoming one with the surrounding.

When keeping meditation practice regular, we will not only reduce stress, depression, worries and anxiety; we will start experiencing many other benefits that meditation has. Let us explore some of them:

Boosting creativity
Forget about the misconception that only artists can be creative. Everyone, no matter what we do in life, has a potential to be creative. It all depends on the quality of the mind. Because when can new ideas come to our mind? Not when it’s full. Not when it’s worried. Not when you are not present and doing something out of a habit. Ideas will come when the mind is free, clear, peaceful and present. And once we learn to be like that always, we will respond creatively to everything we do – the way we talk, walk, do our daily activities, solve problems.

Becoming true to ourselves
When we meditate, it is our time to be with ourselves, to look into ourselves. We start seeing ourselves more clearly, we start understanding who we are, what we want from this life, what makes us happy and what changes we need to make to constantly improve ourselves and reach our goals. If we don’t spare time for meditation, we often rush in our life and do things because of a pressure from others, society, parents. We forget to ask ourselves whether this is the life I want to live. In meditation, we finally look inside, accept ourselves and start understanding ourselves.

Becoming more confident
Once we can accept ourselves, we start becoming comfortable with ourselves. We do not want to look at others and compare ourselves with others. We love that unique person inside us – myself. So, we start believing in ourselves, our ideas and dreams. We become more confident of who we are, and we get courage and wisdom from our inner source to fulfill the dreams that we want to achieve.

Improving relationships with everyone
Once we start understanding ourselves, we easier connect with others. We cannot connect with people before we haven’t connected to ourselves. We have to be real to ourselves, we cannot wear a mask of someone else. Moreover, understanding ourselves better will lead us to seeing others better. We will have more empathy and compassion towards others, because we will be able to put ourselves in others’ shoes. That leads to improved relationships with everyone.

Becoming more positive and happy
We realize that our mood depends entirely on us and the thoughts in our mind. So, why think negative? Why spread negativity and attract negativity back? It is the nature of the life to have both sides – positive and negative – in every single thing and aspect of life. So, it becomes our decision to focus on the positive, to spread positive and attract positive back.

As you see, meditation is not a detached activity from your daily life. It relates to each and every field of your life. It leaves an impact on every thought that you think, every word that you say and every action that you do. Having gained the inner peace from meditation, you want to keep it also outside the meditation. How to do it? By being mindful in your thoughts, speech and actions. They all are related to the mind. And if we don’t control them, the mind will control us, and we will easily fall into wrong thoughts, speech and actions, that at the end of the day contaminate our mind and impact our well being. But if we are mindful, we make better decisions about what we think, speak and act; better decisions lead to performing a better version of ourselves, and living a better life. No matter what life throws on us, it is only when we clear our mind and become still, we can deal with it. We can deal with everything!

This is how with regular practice of meditation and mindfulness we become masters of our mind. We can solve each and every problem simply by sitting still and connecting to ourselves. Moreover, we realize that problems are not there to hurt us; they are there to better us, to make us stronger and prepare us for future situations yet to come. They make us learn and grow – it’s all about our perception and ability to keep a clear and calm mind. That is when we will attain our inner peace and become less and less affected by external worries. Because our inner self knows none of it; the joy inside us simply exists like anything else in the nature – flowers, trees, mountains. Look, how still and peaceful they are! Have you ever seen a stressful mountain or a depressed flower?

That pure nature lives in each of us. Like a never-ending sunset or an everlasting sunrise….you only need to keep stilling your mind. Happiness will come. Awakening will come.

It happened to me, and now it will happen to you.

Start today!

With love and peace,