Peace Revolution

My path to inner peace and happiness started thanks to Peace Revolution.

Peace Revolution is a project that strives to bring peace to the world by supporting individuals to find inner peace and sharing that peace with their families, friends and communities, hence the slogan PIPO or Peace In, Peace Out . So, in order to change the world, we need to start from changing ourselves. The main activities of Peace Revolution include:

Self-development program; it is a free online self-development program – a 42-day challenge – teaching the skills and techniques involved in the development of inner peace. It provides guided meditation videos and daily reflections to support personal development and the practice of mindfulness.

International and Regional Fellowships; training programs in Thailand, Europe or in Latin America for participants who are active and committed to the cause of peace. The fellowship involve a peace training where participants from all over the world can practice meditation and  mindfulness in a beautiful retreat environment as well as do yoga, group activities and workshops.

Peace on Demandlocal, national, or international peace events (workshops, retreats, meditation sessions) held and organized by local volunteers. They could be series of different Inner Peace Time sessions with different groups of people who can be students, young people, media, peace activists,  meditators. Peace on Demand events are usually organized in Universities, Centers, Institutes, Companies where participants are invited to explore the link between meditation and various fields, like stress management, sustainable development, peacebuilding, psychology, creativity, life enrichment.

Moonfestan online guided meditation session for participants to join together for inner peace time and share it with the world.

Special Ops; activity to spread peace tools learned in the self-development program to the local community; it is either an offline session with one of the videos from the self-development program or an online session guided by a Peace Architect or a monk through Skype.

Peace Revolution was initiated by the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI). WPI is an international NGO, established in Thailand in 2010. It consists of both Thai and international youth working in 232 countries worldwide committed towards the goal of creating peace by empowering the self-development of individuals globally.